The “Historic Figures” are inspired by Leonardo da Vinci’s drawings. I could almost see the light of wisdom in the lines on the drawings, and they have encouraged my interests in calligraphy. I also took my inspiration from a library where black and white photographic works are hung above the book shelves. One may be able to sense that the air in a library is different from the air outside, whilst the air in a library with a long history is particularly different, for the breaths of generations of philosophers still linger, and I know they are still present. On the contrary, one cannot help but wonder “What have we been doing?” in our generation. It is as if I’m not painting portraits of historical figures, but paining the remains of wisdom, the ghost of great thoughts. The relationship between these historical figures and us is not defined by their life or death, but our understanding of them. Their existence may fade into thin air depending on how we remember them.

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