After “Ashen Face” and years of exploration (even until now), I have found four new categories that I am keen to explore – “female portraits as an extension to “Ashen Face””, “Lumière”, “Syrian Children” and “Historic Figures”. These new works are no longer the reiteration of one’s inner insecurity and confusion, for I have become more interested in the study of faith, death and life, pain, love, consciousness, wisdom and representations of this new generation.

I have kept the purest elements in the “Female Portraits”, with plants, mist and an air of haziness…the uncertainly and holiness of lives are beautiful yet does not indicated that fate is without danger.

I saw a heart-breaking international report on Syrian Children in 2016, and I came to a conclusion that any significant experiences one goes through would remain in one’s eyes, in a manner of some kind of sparkle, but is exceptionally dark at the same time. I believe that one’s soul would shine in certain circumstances, and it that light, that spark I want to capture. Many things are based on fictions, such as the concept of a nation, money and religion, or one could say that we are all living and busing ourselves in this world for unrealistic goals. However, one would never doubt one’s existence when one is suffering, for it is the only thing that is real.

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